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Surinder Marbha
Surinder Born and bought up in Mumbai, India, Surinder has been doing henna for as long as she remembers! She is also the founder of All About Henna and initially started as offering henna services from her home. She wanted to share her love of henna to more permanent and long term use for her customers and started making henna decorated candles for her friends and family. The encouragement she received was pretty much the birth of All About Henna. Now, she not just offers henna body art services, but also designed this website and pretty much most of the items available in our online store. Her other hobbies are painting, reading and loves music. She has a full time career in advertising and also serves as a Board member of ThinkIndia Foundation, where she designs & develops props for their broadway style productions.

Read more about Surinder's love of this art in the interviews below -  
  AllAboutHenna partners with 103.7Lite FM for a contest  
  "To celebrate the brilliant performance of Dallas Mavericks at the 2011 NBA Finals, 103.7Lite FM has a contest wherein the winner gets 2 tickets to the Mavs game. 103.7 FM radio invited Surinder to be part of the contest for applying a temporary henna tattoo on one of the contestant's forehead. To find out if the contestant with AllAbouthenna's temporary tattoo won, click on the following link" >>Full Article, interview by Heather Folkner  
  "I saw Surinder's work on an Etsy treasury and had to snag her for an interview. Her candles, glass, and wall decorations are absolutely to die for. Her handywork will leave any room feeling exotic and warm. The detail is absolutely astounding! And her personality? Just as beautiful as her work. She is so warm and friendly! Don't take my word for it! Read the interview and I hope you'll love this artist and her work as much as I do! ...." >>Full Article  
  Marigold Events, interview by Neha Goyal  
  "In our last post we talked about the use of candles in decor. Candles add a touch of romance to your wedding. How about if this touch of romance was married with tradition? Surinder Marbha, owner of “All About Henna“ did exactly that, where she decorates candles with gorgeous henna patterns. What a beautiful fusion of romance and tradition!...." >>Full Article  
Faryal Abbas
Faryal and Surinder met through a common acquantiance and the shared passion for henna got them teamed up right away. Faryal, comes from Pakistan and has been doing henna since 2003. She is the artist behind many of All About Henna's products and loves to add her own style to each of our products. Faryal is a student and persuing her graduate degree, and whatever spare time she can take away from studies, she devotes to the art of henna!
If you are a talented henna artist and would be interested in being part of our team, then send us an email with sample pictures of your work to
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